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UnderNull was an online store that operated for 3 years under Protex AS. UnderNull became well-known for it’s warm woolen shoes like Nesnalobben, Femundlabben, and Røroslabben. Now you can find all the products that were available for purchase on undernull.no here on protex.no, along with many other beautiful items.

What is Undernull?

UnderNull.no was an online store primarily focused on footwear, but we also had a good selection of accessories, clothing, and interior items. All of these can now be found here on protex.no.

Some of the items are suitable for year-round use, while others are best for the winter season. To mention a few of the products we offer: wool fleece clothing, Icelandic sweaters, merino wool underwear, shoes made of wool felt, and merino wool hats and mittens.

For many years now, we have been sending out warm shoes and clothing to satisfied customers in Norway and many other countries. People in Jan Mayen, Antarctica, and Alaska wear Nesnalobben precisely because they don’t want to freeze their feet.

Nesnalobben is a well-known classic that many are familiar with since production started in Nesna in the mid-1950s. Today, production takes place in Estonia. Over time, we decided to design our own models of wool felt shoes, and both Røroslabben and Femundlabben were born on the drawing board in Ålen in 2012.

The business behind UnderNull

Protex AS is a Norwegian family-owned business that has been producing various textile products for a wide range of customers since 1966. All production takes place at our subsidiary, Protex Balti AS, in Estonia, where we employ approximately 200 people. The brand Figura is owned by Protex AS.

We do not have physical stores, but we have a sales outlet for our products at our office. So, if you’re in the Ålen area and would like to see our selection, feel free to visit us. You can find our location on the map.


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