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Welcome to Protex AS.

Protex AS is a Norwegian-owned family business with a proud history in textile product manufacturing since 1966. We serve a wide range of customers and products.

Today, our production primarily takes place in Estonia, at our subsidiary Protex Balti AS, as well as through close collaboration with other partners.

Our subsidiary, Protex Balti AS, has around 250 skilled employees and is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, with a strong focus on our shared social responsibility. This allows us to maintain high quality while achieving cost-effectiveness.

Protex AS is proud to have developed its own brands that meet specific market needs. Our Ragnarok collection consists of specially developed workwear for the aquaculture industry. The HiP hip protector is designed to prevent fractures from falls. We are also known for our own-designed brands of wool felt shoes, Røroslabben and Femundlabben.

Our efforts in design have been recognized through the “Design Excellence Award” in collaboration with Sintef. The HiP hip protector received this prestigious award in 2015, and the following year, our Ragnarok clothing collection was also honored with the same recognition.

Since 2010, Protex AS has been a supplier to the Norwegian Armed Forces, providing various types of shoes and boots.

For many years, we have also produced various types of uniforms, and since 2021, we have been the owners of the brand Figura, specializing in brass band uniforms.

We welcome you to visit our premises in Ålen to see our extensive product range. We extend a warm welcome to all visitors.

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Margrethe Engan Gjære

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Mission and Vision


Protex AS is a manufacturer of strong proprietary brands and a valued production partner for various Scandinavian brand suppliers.

Our goal is to be a market leader with our self-produced niche products. At the same time, through our accessibility, flexibility, and expertise, we aim to be a preferred production partner for other brand suppliers. To achieve our goals, we invest in necessary expertise and technology and always seek solutions that can provide us and our partners with an advantage in a competitive international market.


Protex AS aims to be a market leader with self-produced niche products.

Management Philosophy

Strong Customer Focus and Continuous Development

At Protex, we care about our customers and partners. We will listen to our customers’ needs, keep our promises, and be proactive in communication.

Every day at Protex, we strive to satisfy our customers by delivering high-quality products at the right time and price.

Efficient and Innovative

At Protex, we always ask ourselves what we can do better and how we can maintain and further develop good customer relationships. This is an ongoing process through investments in new and improved technology and the enhancement of skills among our employees.

Ethical Considerations

In the Protex group, we take pride in how we present ourselves. We will take care of our employees, the environment, and the surroundings around us. You are welcome to visit our production facilities at any time.

We Make Things Happen

“It’s not about having ideas, but about putting them into action.”

That was the motto of David Engan when he bought the company “Trønderplast” in 1966. Five decades later, with hundreds of employees, millions of products, and numerous ideas later, the motto remains the same. David, who has now passed the company on to his three daughters, still visits the company’s facilities to ensure that we live and breathe the company’s motto. In other words, making things happen is in the company’s DNA.


Protex has a long and successful history and has adapted to the industry’s many changes through innovative thinking and the willingness to continue evolving.

Early Years

Protex’s history dates back to 1966 when 24-year-old David Engan purchased the small company Trønderplast in Ålen.

David’s motto has always been, “It’s not about having ideas, but about putting them into action.” In the scenic surroundings of Ålen, Trønderplast naturally produced tents and outerwear. Through strong determination and burning passion, David brought many of his ideas to life, and in 1989, the small family company changed its name to Protex. By then, the company had built a loyal customer base, expanded significantly, and had over 50 employees.

In 2005, there was a generational shift at Protex, as David passed ownership to his three daughters, Margrethe, Gunhild, and Marie. Even though David has stepped back from his active role in Protex, he regularly visits the company’s facilities, ensuring that his motto of turning ideas into reality continues to thrive.


Today, Protex is a manufacturer of its own high-quality brand products, in addition to producing for various high-quality brand suppliers. The company is still 100% owned by the Engan family, with eldest daughter Margrethe serving as CEO since 2009. The company has several hundred employees, a strong customer focus, and works hard to be a good and secure workplace.


Protex’s vision is to be a market leader with its self-produced niche products and a valued production partner to high-quality brand suppliers in Northern Europe. Protex has also positioned itself in the market as an innovative and forward-thinking partner in the development of tomorrow’s smart textiles.