Wool sweater w/zip

Nowegian traditional Islender

kr 1,190.00 inkl. mva

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Nice and warm wool sweater with a high collar that suits both men and women. An “Islender” is a Scandinavian term for a thick work shirt or sweater made of wool, and has been used by workers and fishermen for generations. Traditionally, the work shirt was made in white with black patterns. The name “Islender” most likely originates from the Icelandic company that connected coastal communities along the North Sea with trade and shipping. The Icelandic sweater is a popular model that never goes out of fashion.

Brand: Bråtens Fabrikker AS
Properties: Warming, knitted
User: Unisex
Weight: 1000 grams in size M

Materials: 100% Norwegian wool

Hand washing
Do not tumble dry
Dry flat

This product is manufactured in Poland by Loxy.

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