Nesnalobben shoes original

Norwegian wool felt boots, adult

kr 1,090.00 inkl. mva
kr 817.50 inkl. mva

We recommend buying two sizes larger than you wear in other winter shoes
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We have a long tradition of making Nesnalobber from wool felt in Norway, and it is wool’s unique ability to retain warmth that means these never go out of style. Nesnalobbe is incredibly warm and light, it molds to your feet and “breathes” so that your feet don’t get damp. Please note that both shoes are the same, there are no right and left shoes. The felt becomes much softer over time and then molds to the foot. It is therefore advisable to wear the shoe on the same foot all the time. These shoes are best suited in cold and dry climates, but there are rubber covers that can be used outside in wet snow. In the size table you will find the measurements of the inner sole. The dimensions are taken all the way to the tip of the shoe. It is wise to calculate 1-2 cm clearance as the toes will not reach all the way to the tip of the shoe.

  • Good quality.
  • Breathing.
  • Light and warm.

Brand: Nesnalobben
Properties: Warming, insulating, water-repellent
User: Unisex
Weight: 910 grams in size 42

Both shoes are equal, there is no right and left shoe, but will soften and adjust to your foot after a few days.
Buy 2 size larger than normal.

Size Inner sole, cm(from heel to toe)
36 22,5
38 23,5
40 25
42 26
44 27,5
46 28,5
48 29,5

Materials: Sole: 100% polyurethane
Upper: 75% wool, 25% viscose (binder to prevent the material from dissolving in a humid climate)
Lining: 50% polyester/50% cotton
Mulesing-free wool
Origin of wool: Australia

Brush off dry dirt with a dry cloth
Wipe the sole with clean water and a cloth/sponge
Store in a dark and dry place
Can be lightly impregnated with textile impregnation (can affect breathability)

The factory that helped us make this product is located in Estonia.

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