M/77 Pilot boots

Leather boot for hunting and leisure

kr 1,990.00 inkl. mva

Slightly large in size.
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The leather boot Pilot has the same excellent quality as the model Felt M77, but with a slightly different design and appearance.
Pilot is slightly lower than the Felt-model, and without hooks for the shoe laces. Instead, there are loops to thread the laces through, and the laces are tightened with a locking device. At the top of the shaft there is a folded edge with Velcro to hide the laces and the locking device inside so that the laces do not get stuck in twigs etc.
This well-known and well-tested leather boot has unique properties that make it well suited for both work and leisure, and it only gets better with use. Model Pilot can be used both as work shoes, leisure shoes and when hunting in the mountains and forests. It is stable and sits well on the foot, and keeps your feet dry and warm.
Thorough tests during the entire production process ensure that the products are of good quality. This quality testing ensures you an excellent product, with good comfort and a long service life. The boot is unlined, but with thick woolen socks in cold weather you are still well prepared for the Norwegian winter!
Note! A little big in size. E.g. fits Norsk Ullsole in size 43 exactly for Field boots in size 42. (Pedag soles do not fit the Field Boots, as they are too narrow.)

  • Quick lacing that can be hidden.
  • Suitable for work and leisure.
  • Good quality.
  • Real leather.

Brand: Protex AS
Properties: Water repellent
Color: Black
User: Unisex
Weight: 1700 grams in size 42

Materials: Leather

Clean the outside of the boots with clean water and a brush or cloth. (Soap must not be used, it can destroy the waterproofness by weakening the surface tension of the fibres). Never put away muddy boots.
Apply leather grease as an impregnation while the boots are still damp to prevent the leather from becoming hard and stiff during the drying process. Feel free to apply impregnation in 2 coats, and let the first layer soak in well before a new layer is applied. Be especially careful to lubricate the seams and the edge of the leather parts. Also make sure to work on getting the impregnation well into areas that tend to crack. It is extra important to lubricate the area after the toe cap, where the boot naturally bends when you walk, so that the risk of chafing over the toes is reduced.
Open the boots as much as possible and dry them at room temperature. It is an advantage to stuff newspaper into the boots during the drying process, so that the boots will keep their shape and prevent creases, which increase the risk of chafing. If there are insoles in the shoes – take them out while the shoes are drying.
Apply shoe polish, let dry for approx. 2 hours and sanding/polishing afterwards. The shoe cream adds lubrication and protection to the boots and makes the impregnation last longer.
NB: Never place boots on floors with heating cables, in drying cabinets, near radiators, ovens, open flames or other heat sources. The leather will be damaged by too much drying. Boots that have been dried in the wrong way will have a high risk of getting stiff leather that requires a lot of care and time to get soft again.

The factory that helped us make this product is located in Estonia.

2023 Protex AS. Made by Haus