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Protex AS is a Norwegian-owned family business with a proud history in the production of textile products since 1966. We serve a wide range of customers and products.

Today, our production primarily takes place in Estonia, at our subsidiary Protex Balti AS, as well as through close cooperation with other partners.

Our subsidiary, Protex Balti AS, has around 250 skilled employees and is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015, with a high focus on our shared social responsibility. This allows us to maintain high quality while achieving cost efficiency.

Protex AS is proud to have developed its own brands that meet specific market needs. Our Ragnarok collection consists of specially designed workwear for the aquaculture industry. The HiP hip protector is designed to prevent fractures from falls. We are also known for our self-designed brands, the wool-felt shoes Røroslabben and Femundlabben.

Our efforts in design have been recognized through the “Merket for god design” (Award for Good Design) in collaboration with Sintef. The HiP hip protector received this prestigious award in 2015, and the following year, our clothing collection Ragnarok was also honored with the same recognition.

Since 2010, Protex AS has been a supplier to the Norwegian Armed Forces for various types of shoes and boots.

For many years, we have also produced various types of uniforms, and since 2021, we have been the owners of the brand Figura, specializing in corps uniforms.

Protex AS

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